Recent Projects

Tattoo On My Arm (full-length play, 2017)

Developed and presented as part of the Rising Sun Performance Company 2017 Laboratorium (New York)

Drama, 2F & 2M

After a supernatural occurrence in the Amazonian rainforest, Diana becomes determined to embrace her culture; far more than a representation on her skin. With support from her fiancé she commences a campaign to protect the physical and spiritual home of a tribe living in the rainforest. Mixing conservation with corporate ideology sees Diana become entangled with a powerful financier. Now Diana has to decide if she is prepared to sacrifice all she’s ever known.

An earlier verision of the play titled, Tattoo On Your Arm was  presented at the Ohio University Playwriting MFA Annual Seabury Quinn Play Festival this April 2017

An interview with Ohio University about my play, Tattoo On Your Arm 

Headcount (short film, 2016)

The glory days of the seedy Russian mafia may be over, and yet Sergei is still paying off debt to his uncle and mafia boss, Uncle Boris. Sergei doesn’t want to relinquish control of his bar to his criminal family and plans to start a new, morally righteous life with girlfriend. He has accepted that being born into crime doesn’t mean it is part of your nature, but his mob family doesn’t see it that way.