Earth winner of Regional KCACTF award (January 2017)

Drama, 2M, 10min

The death of planet Earth has created an opportunity for one higher intelligence being to receive a job offer he can’t refuse, but there’s a catch to getting the most prestigious role in the universe.

Animals staged reading at HB Studio (October 2015, New York)

Dramedy, 2F & 2 M, 80min

When everything around you is falling apart and the future is uncertain, what matters most and who do you want to be with? In the face of a New York City apocalypse, four mid-20-year-olds discover secrets about each other and unfulfilled desires that need to be resolved for their friendships and relationships to be validated. 

Directed by Stephan Schmidt, with Erik Doviak, Kim Paris, Oleg Osin, N’Tasha Anders.

Modern Monogamy (June 2015) reading at Lama Theater (June 2015, New York)

Comedy, 1F & 1M, 10min

Marriage is complicated and keeping up desire is hard. This short play is about a couple who desperately try to keep things sexy. They even try monogamy.

I (heart) Subway (October 2014) performed at Emerging Artists Theatre New Works Series (October 2014, New York)

Devised piece, 6 performers, 15min

A series of short vignettes about the people who take the New York City subway and the impressions they leave on their fellow passengers. The performance intends to evoke familiar subway scenes, images, and sounds; while embracing the intimate interactions in a shared space. Directed by Veronika Barr, ensemble cast.

Directed by Vero Barr

Principal’s Office performed at Manhattan Repertory Theatre (May 2014, New York)

Drama, 2F & 2M, 20min

At a casual dinner party we witness one couple are on the brink of ending their marriage, while the other announce their pregnancy. Resentment builds and nerves get the better of everyone as we come to understand that when it comes to being a family and parents,  no one knows how to get it right.

Directed by Robert Grogan, with Ann Kimmel, Joel Malazita, Jessica Kaplan, and Robert Getz.

My Wife performed at HB Playwrights Foundation (April 2014, New York City)

Drama, 2M, 10min

There’s a simple proposition and then there is a matter of principals. When Lochlan’s future to become a partner of the city’s best law firm is challenged by an indecent proposal from his boss Jonathan, everything Lochlan has worked hard for in his career is on the line.

Directed by Joshua Lombard, with Andrew Dawson & Keithen Hergott

Happy Anniversary performed at Emerging Artists Theatre New Works Series (March 204, New York)

Drama, 1F & 1M, 10min

Sam and Tim have broken up, and this painful realization has made both of them bitter. Tim dismisses Sam’s plea to keep an anniversary gift, and the two have a final stand-off where they acknowledge that their failure to communicate what they wanted from each other has lead to resentment, creating a distance they didn’t know how to breach.

Directed by Burak Tatar, with Tim Torres & Eileen Malone

Fat performed at  Mount Carmel Theatre Company’s New Works Festival February (February 2014, New York)

“I’m fat,” says Marina to her fiancé Jamie, who for the past three months has had to put up with calorie counting and portioned control meals. As the couple prepare for their wedding and the already slim bride-to-be begins dieting, their relationship and domestic bliss is challenged.

Directed by Pauline Le Mell, with Sean Shannon & Rachel Errington

Bentley staged reading at HB Studio (June 2013, New York)

You need to dream big, don’t you? Conor got a small taste of what it means to make it in the world and he has plans. If he can convince Steve that the two of them can create a thriving drug trade at their college, nothing and nobody will stop them.

Directed by Pauline Le Mell, with Eston Fung & Scott Reich